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Huiji Honey


Huiji Honey is a natural pure honey that is distinctively different from others because it is in a pure concentrated form. Its natural antibacterial properties help to relieve dryness in the mouth and sore throat. It is also the best remedy to promote collagen, and reduce scars.

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About Our Honey

Pure Honey

No Added Sugar
& Alcohol

No Preservatives

Recognised As

Halal Certified

Huiji Honey, from the unpolluted Dong Bei, Chang Bai Shan. 100% Natural Pure Honey with no added sugar is popular amongst Singaporeans. Huiji Honey can not only add flavour to your recipes and/or drinks, it is also a natural remedy that serves several health benefits such as –  strengthening your immune system and soothing throat irritation. This makes Huiji Honey a great addition to your kitchen!


  • Strengthens Your Immune System
  • Soothe Throat Irritation
  • Nourish Your Skin and Face

Ways to use Huiji Honey:

  • A natural sweetener for hot teas or cold beverages
  • Delightful topping for waffles and pancakes.
  • Convenient for cooking and baking

  • 100% Natural Pure Honey, No Added Sugar and Preservatives
  • Take a small amount daily, as part of an overall healthy meal plan
  • Do not mix honey in hot water with a temperature of more than 70°C
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1kg, 200g, 500g, 3kg

Expertly Extracted

Huiji Honey is harvested from Chang Bai Mountain yearly from July to August. The area is known to be pollution-free and does not have any residue of pesticides. The fresh floral fragrance, natural sweet taste that does not cause irritation to the throat, and high nutritional value makes the quality of Huiji Honey distinctly different from other ordinary honey. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and promotes tissue regeneration.

How to tell if your honey is of high quality?

High quality honey will not spoil when placed at room temperature for years. If your honey is high in sugar content, it will not crystallize easily. Pure honey contains a higher level of glucose, causing it to crystallize easily.

Why does honey crystallize?
Will it affect the quality of honey?

Fresh honey is a viscous transparent or translucent liquid. After a period of time at a lower temperature, it will gradually form a solid. This is a natural crystallisation process of honey and does not affect the quality and consumption. Honey with low water content will crystallize easily. Furthermore, honey contains pollen and high pollen content tend to accelerate the speed of crystallization.

Benefits of Huiji Honey

Strengthens Your Immune System

Its soothing effect on the body helps to relieve insomnia and improve one’s mood.

Soothe Throat Irritation

Known to moisturize the throat and relieve cough. Often used as a treatment of bronchitis by nourishing the lungs.

Promotes Cells Regeneration and Protects Skin

The strong antioxidants in Huiji Honey gives it anti-ageing effects, making it an ideal skin care product to nourish your skin and face. It can supply nutrients to the skin to kill bacteria, reduce pigmentation and regenerate cells. 

Promotes Digestion

Has a regulating effect on gastrointestinal function that strengthens weak stomach. It also helps to combat constipation.

Combat Fatigue

Honey is directly absorbed by the body which improves blood circulation and boosts your energy.

No More Mess at Home

Specially Designed for Your Convenience

Our Huiji Honey (1KG) bottle cap is specially designed to bring you the convenience you deserve! With the new anti-spillage cap, scooping honey out of the jar is a thing of the past. Enjoy your Huiji Honey now with guaranteed zero-mess!

Frequently Asked Questions

Huiji’s honey is obtained directly from the farm, thus we are able to make our honey priced lower, so as to make it available to the mass market.

Huiji honey’s water content is less than 18%

Yes. Huiji honey can be used on the face.

Yes, Huiji honey can be used as a natural remedy. 

It is recommended to consume Huiji honey before the expiry date as shown on the packaging.

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