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Huiji Lonicera Tea


Huiji Lonicera Tea is a natural cooling tea, made with natural ingredients. It helps the body to clear toxins, expel heat and wind as well as relieve common colds. Our caffeine-free tea continues to be a daily ritual for many tea lovers.


Huiji Lonicera Tea is a natural cooling tea that has been made by adopting traditional techniques with scientific methods. It has a refreshing taste and does not contain any chemical additives, spacing colors or artificial flavouring. Suitable for all ages and can be taken all year round.


  • Clear toxicity
  • Relieve common colds
  • Expel heat and wind
  • Flos Lonicerae (HoneySuckle Flower): Relieve sore throat, ease swelling, pain & redness
  • Folium Mori (Mulberry leaf): Help with diabetes, relieves stress
  • Chrysanthemum: Detoxification of liver, lower cholesterol level, ease digestion
  • Folium Nelumbinis (Dried Lotus leaf): Anti-obesity effect, enhance functions of heart, liver & spleen channels
  • Add a stick to 150ml of cold or hot water and stir well
  • Can be served hot or cold

Additional Information

Dimensions 56 × 30 × 34 cm

10 sachets/box, 15g/sachet

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