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  • 止咳
  • 化痰
  • 舒缓喉咙干痒及清肺

储存方法: 请置放于阴凉干燥处,避免太阳直照

注意: 对该品过敏者忌用。孕妇、哺乳妈妈,心脏病患者,高血压者慎用。不建议长期服用。

  • 制半夏, 麻黄, 紫菀, 桔梗, 枇杷叶, 远志, 陈皮, 甘草, 薄荷油
  • 建议饮用,每次15毫升
  • 一日4次


尺寸39 × 30 x 20 厘米


Use The Right Cough Syrup

Use The Right Cough Syrup

There are two different types of coughs, dry cough and phlegmy coughs. Each cough needs to be treated differently. If you have a phlegmy cough, consuming cough suppressants will not help! Instead, consuming cough syrups like the Huiji Herbalmint will help eliminate phlegm, solving the root cause of your cough. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what Ms Ho, a 37-year-old sales manager has to say about our Herbalmint Cough Syrup. “I have tried many different kinds of cough syrup but my “hundred day cough” still persists after several visits to the doctor.  After taking half a bottle of herbal mint essence, my cough subsided significantly and I love the way it soothes the itch in my throat right after taking it.”

Your Immediate Non-drowsy Cough Relief Solution

Don’t let a cough ruin your day! Many cough syrups contain pholcodine or dextromethorphan, which are compounds that tell your brain to stop coughing, making you drowsy. This not only leaves you feeling dizzy all day but also doesn’t solve the root cause of your cough. In comparison, our Huiji Herbalmint Cough Syrup will quickly eliminate the cause of your cough, the excessive phlegm, allowing you to continue on your day with no drowsiness!

Your Immediate Non-drowsy Cough Relief Solution


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