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  • 100% 源产于加拿大的纯正优质西洋参
  • 无添加蔗糖
  • 帮助清热祛燥和消除疲劳

汇集加拿大西洋参茶采用精心挑选的100%源自加拿大的纯正优质西洋参。与其他人参不同,加拿大西洋参性质平和,补而不燥,男女老少皆宜饮用。汇集加拿大西洋参茶能帮助提升免疫力,促进新陈代谢,增强活力。它也帮助消除疲劳 、清热祛燥及降血糖。


  • 增强活力、促进新陈代谢、增强免疫系统
  • 降血糖及胆固醇
  • 促进大脑功能及改善记忆力
  • 清热祛燥
  • 消除疲劳


西洋参 亚洲参/高丽参 西伯利亚人参
源自 美国/加拿大 中国/韩国 东北亚
特性 凉性 温性 温性
  • 清热祛燥
  • 消除疲劳及提神
  • 促进血液活力
  • 降血糖
  • 调节新陈代谢
  • 使身体细胞活跃
  • 提升免疫力
  • 抵消代谢压力
  • 提升能量
  • 100%纯正加拿大西洋参
  1. 轻易撕下并打开一包汇集加拿大西洋参茶包,倒入杯里。
  2. 加入200毫升的热水 (80°C)。
  3. 搅拌均匀,即可饮用
尺寸 55 × 31 × 30 厘米



12s, 36s



Feeling overworked, stressed and sleep-deprived? These can lead to a dangerously weak immune system! Well, it’s high time you did something about it. Consuming Ginseng will promote the production of more antibodies to keep you well protected against harmful bacteria and viruses.


Ginseng is known to attenuate hyperglycemia by reducing insulin resistance. This is especially useful for people with Type I and II diabetes. For non-diabetes patients, it can reduce your chances of contracting diabetes in the future. For those suffering from high cholesterol, research has shown that Ginseng can help lower your total cholesterol levels.


Fatigue: The arch-enemy of productivity. We’ve all been through it. A mountain of work waiting for you but your eyes just can’t seem to stay open. Hold up,  don’t go reaching for your next cup of caffeine! Make yourself a cup of Huiji Canadian Ginseng Tea. Ginseng will help lower oxidative stress and increase energy production in your cells, providing you energy to power through the day!


Do you know that pulling an all-nighter will dramatically increase your body heat? Too much body heat can result in you falling sick. So how do we reduce our body heat? The answer: Ginseng. But wait! Not every Ginseng will help lower your body heat! Only the Canadian Ginseng gives a cooling effect. Other Ginsengs like the Asian or Siberian Ginseng will not help. So, remember to make a cup of Huiji Candian Ginseng Tea to power you through all your all-nighters and feel good the next morning.

Made for the Working Adults

We all wish we can improve our work productivity, and feel less stressed. With the Huiji Candian Ginseng Tea, you can! Ginseng is widely known to boost your mental functions, such as your memory, focus and mood. So have a cup of Huiji Canadian Ginseng Tea to have an efficient, enjoyable and stress-free working day ahead.

Are there any side effects from Ginseng?

Ginseng has been consumed by many for thousands of years. Most of the time, users will face no side effects. If there are, the side effects are usually mild. However, it is important to note that if you are on medication, do consult with your physician before consuming Ginseng.


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