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Huiji Chicken Stew

Ingredients: Whole Chicken : 1 no. (washed, cut into pieces, drained) Huiji Health Tonic : 1 cup (Huiji measuring cup) Sesame oil : 75g Ginger : 250g (remove skin, shredded) Black fungus : 40g (soak in the water, remove stalk, shredded) Glutinous rice wine : 1 ½ cup Huiji Health Tonic : 2 cups (Huiji […]

Huiji Drunken Prawn

Ingredients: Large Prawns: 600g Garlic: 3 cloves (minced) Young Ginger: 1 small pc (shredded) Wolf Berries (gou qi zi): 1 tbsp (washed) Rice Wine ½ cup Huiji Health Tonic: 1 -2 cups (Huiji measuring cup)   Method: Trim away feelers of prawns, wash, slit back of prawn, arrange on a deep plate Spread minced garlic, […]

Huiji Lotus Seed Pig Stomach Soup

Ingredients: Pig Stomach: 1 pc (approx.500g) Whole Pepper Corn: 40g (washed, drained dry, smashed slightly) Lotus Seed: 100g (washed, soak for 4 hrs or over night) Pork Rib: 500g (washed, blanched) Huiji Health Tonic: 2 cups (Huiji measuring cup)   Method: Cut away fats surrounding pig stomach, turn pig stomach inside out and wash clean, […]

Fruity Lite Granita

Ingredients: Huiji Fruity Lite: 2 sachets Cold Water :250g Water :750g Konriyaku Jelly Powder: 10g Sugar:200g Huiji Fruity Lite: 2 sachets Cold Water: 75g Lemon Juice :75g Strawberries: 5 pcs washed, diced) Mango :1 pc (washed, skinned, diced) Kiwi: 2 pcs (washed, skinned, diced)   Method: Method for making Fruity Lite ice cube: Mix Huiji […]

Huiji Chicken Abalone Shark Fin Soup

Ingredients: Shark’s fins 50g Kampong chicken 1pc Scallops (soak in water until soften then peel into strips) 40g Abalone (soak in water until soften) 4slices Ginseng (wash then slice it) 1 pc Medlar a little Ginger (about thumb size) 1 slice Spring Onions 2 pcs Hua tiao wine 4 teaspoons Huiji Health Tonic 60-90ml   […]

Huiji Treasure Pot

Ingredients: Chicken 1 pcs Fish stomach 30gm Sea cucumber 2pc Scallops 100 g Pig’s feet tendon 100 g Shitake mushroom 10pcs Abalone According to preference Medlar According to preference Huiji Health Tonic According to preference   Method: Boil 3 big bowls of water. Put in the chicken into the pot and use low heat to […]

Huiji Claypot Herbal Chicken

Ingredients: Spring chicken : 500g Cucumber : 6pcs Fish maw : 6pcs Red dates : 5pcs Yuzhu : 5g Mushrooms : 3pcs Huiji Health Tonic : 30-60ml Chicken essence powder : 1 tsp Oyster sauce : 2 tsps Pepper : 1/2 tsp Salt : 1/2 tsp Corn flour Soya sauce Medlar   Method: After cleaning […]

Black Chicken Soup with Black Beans and Dates

Ingredients: Whole Black Chicken 1 (500 g) (Cut) Chicken Bones (Cut) 200 g Black beans 120g Dates 100g Old Ginger 4 slices Water 2200 ml Huiji Health Tonic 2 cups   Seasonings: Salt some   Method: Cut black chicken and chicken bones into chunks and boil in hot water, then drain. In a pot, bring […]

Huiji Fish with Ginger and Red Dates

Ingredients: Fish 750 g Red date (stone) 10 nos Dangshen (Codonopsis) 20 g (cut into sections) Wolfberry 10 g Danggui (Angelica) 5 slices Ginger (shredded) 50 g Huiji Health Tonic 1 cup Oil 2 tbsp Scallion (shredded) 1 stalk   Seasonings: Essence of Chicken Flour 1 tsp Soya Sauce 2 tsp Sesame Oil 1 tsp […]