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Backache and the Elderly

When a person gets older, he or she is likely to experience more backaches. One of the most common causes is the natural aging process. Hence it is important to ensure proper care in the twilight years. There are so many reasons why backaches occur. So, it is best to consult a doctor fast to […]

Young People are Just as Likely to Get Cold Feet

If you think cold feet affect only the elderly, you will be surprised to learn that it may affect people of any age. It is a symptom that is usually associated with poor blood circulation, and not how old you are. You may think that unpredictable weather is to blame, the office air-conditioning is too […]

Invigorate Vital Energy

Are you experiencing dizziness, fatigue, heightened sensitivity to temperature changes, shortness of breath with exertion, poor appetite and quality of sleep? To stay well-balanced regardless of age, a person must have adequate `qi` that flows freely throughout the body without blockages. According to TCM, `qi` in the human body comes from three sources. Firstly, there […]

Overcoming Fatigue at Any Age

Frantic deadlines at work and demanding home responsibilities, either one is enough to leave anybody stressed and exhausted. Homemaker, worker or student, calming the mind and strengthening the body to overcome fatigue is important in staying balanced, focused and well. Although fatigue is a common problem, consult a doctor first to rule out any medical […]