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Mulvita Brown Rice Cereal With Spirulina


This hot nutritious cereal beverage is a medley of brown rice, wholesome grains, Spirulina and 100% pure New Zealand milk powder. It does not contain creamer nor added sugar.


The health benefits of brown rice are largely due to it being a whole grain. Brown rice is considered a low “glycemic index” food.

No creamer nor added sugar, no trans fat & aids digestion system. So it can be incorporated into a healthy diet. The ideal drink for both children & folks alike.

A nutritious and healthy snack for weight loss and exercise / Drink Mulvita Brown Rice with Spirulina for weight loss and energy

Mulvita Brown Rice Cereal with Spirulina is a convenient, ready-to-drink mix that you can prepare in just a few seconds and consume instantly before exercising. It is a great perk-me-up because it can help keep one’s energy level up throughout the day.

This beverage is also the healthier go-to snack option for weight loss because the whole grains and spirulina present in the cereal help to promote fullness and gut health, which curbs the craving for sweet treats.

  • Brown Rice: It helps to promote fullness & keeps one’s energy level up throughout the day.
  • Milk Powder: New Zealand milk powder, rich source vitamin D, and calcium. It helps to maintain bone strength.
  • Wholesome Grains: Whole Grains can help control blood sugar levels.
  • Spirulina: Help to promote gut health.
  • Mix a sachet of Mulvita with 200ml of hot water (80°C)
  • Stir well and enjoy!

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