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Young People are Just as Likely to Get Cold Feet

Young People are Just as Likely to Get Cold Feet

If you think cold feet affect only the elderly, you will be surprised to learn that it may affect people of any age. It is a symptom that is usually associated with poor blood circulation, and not how old you are.

You may think that unpredictable weather is to blame, the office air-conditioning is too strong, or you are just nervous about a major client presentation. But if you often experience that cold tingling sensation in your feet, and even in your hands, consult a doctor to ensure that there is no underlying medical condition.

Most likely, your problem may be attributed to one or a combination of lifestyle factors such as inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time and smoking. Wearing tight or ill-fitting clothing may affect your blood circulation too!

For strength and harmony

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is time to walk, jog, swim or bike regularly. Learn breathing techniques that help to keep stress at bay. Do not drink excessively and stop smoking. Junk the artery-clogging fatty, sugary food and switch top more nutritious, heart-smart meals. Promote blood circulation and strengthen your body’s constitution with tonics rich in medicinal properties.

Leading brands like 汇补精 have the natural goodness of six vital herbs that are especially beneficial for people who are prone to cold feet, poor blood circulation and the lack of `qi` or energy.

The traditional TCM tonic has danggui to promote blood circulation, ginseng to enhance energy levels, shouwu to enhance liver and kidney functions as well as duzhong to restore physical strength, especially in the waist and legs.

A daily dose helps to calm the mind too, thanks to dazao – a herb that invigorates the spleen and stomach as well. The tonic also has cordyceps to alleviate fatigue and improve overall well-being.

Choose Singapore-made tonics for safety and reliability

TCM products that are made in Singapore adhere to strict control measures, from the quality of the ingredients to advanced production methods.

A GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice certification further ensures high-quality standards.

Locally produced Huiji Health Tonic takes pride in its role in promoting good health to all Singaporeans. Its formula has benefits such as promoting blood circulation and improving the body’s constitution.

The Natural Way to Promote Blood Circulation

Huiji Health Tonic keeps fatigue at bay, enhances blood circulation and physical strength

Natural Goodness 

  • Made with 100% natural premium herbs
  • No cane sugar or alcohol added
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Mild taste with a pleasant fragrance


High Quality

  • Made in Singapore at GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) Factory




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